INVESTMENT COMMUNITY - a community in which professionals and amateurs of earnings on investment are united. We do not extract gold, do not pump oil, do not trade on the stock exchange and do not come up with beautiful legends. We explicitly state that all your accruals are due to the investments of newly arrived investors. We guarantee the accrual of funds, according to the chosen tariff plan, until 100% of all investments are paid.

We offer stable active and passive income without risks. All you need is to become a private investor, where you will have an opportunity to make profit on a daily basis, taking an active part in attracting partners and getting additional profit through a partnership program or on an absolute liability. Forget the risk of losing your money. Do your favorite thing at a time when your profit grows with INVESTMENT COMMUNITY.

The affiliate program is at the third level (7% -5% - 3%). After all funds are accrued and paid to investors, according to the tariff plans, the launch date of the next season is appointed, in which, with the continuation of the entire partner structure, you can continue to make profit on the new tariff plans. More about our marketing you can find in the section "Deposits"


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  • Закрытие 1-го сезона.

    Sep 7, 2017 09:03

    С сожалением сообщаем, что в связи с отсутствием новых инвестиций мы вынуждены завершить работу 1-го сезона.
    Касса проекта выплачена в полном...


    Aug 30, 2017 16:34

    Для тарифа STANDART
    15% от Вашего депозита на баланс!
    Для тарифа OPTIMAL
    10% от Вашего депозита на баланс!
    Для тарифа...


    Aug 25, 2017 16:05

    25%, 10% и 5% от Вашего депозита на баланс!
    Если депозитов несколько, то бонус идет
    на самый большой из них.
    Добавить бонус в...


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